CDM 2015 Designer & Advice

All construction projects are now subject by law to meet Construction Design and Management (CDM) 2015 health and safety rules. Whilst domestic building construction is not covered under the client’s duties the design has to be prepared in accordance with designer’s rules. At FMF Engineering you can trust that our designs will automatically comply with the designer’s regulations.

In all construction projects the client has special additional responsibilities which are particularly onerous. We provide a service to the client to advise on their duties under the regulations. Whenever requested we can also provide a CDM 2015 designer duties service to the client, on a percentage fee or time related basis, depending on the size of the project.

FMF delivers:

  • Health and Safety advice in respect of building construction, Structural and Civil Engineering.
  • CDM 2015 designer duties service to design and construction companies, commercial, public and private clients
  • Advice to client on liabilities and duties
  • Our designs carried out in accordance with the regulations

For further information please get in touch – we welcome all queries about our suite of professional engineering services.

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